Home Studio Offerings

Private Classes by appointment

Private sessions may be booked for therapeutic purposes, to prepare you for public classes, for exploration of various meditative practices or assist in breath development through pranayam/yogic breath techniques. Collaboration with your chosen health care professional is encouraged. Bookings as per pranayam classes below. Cost: Initial session $85 1.5hr Follow up sessions $70.00 1 hr

Check out Yoga Australia’s website to see if your Health Fund is on the list and to see what you or I need to do for you to claim. This might make a private session a little more feasible.


Pranayam Classes

(limited numbers)

Home Studio Friday to energise you for the day to help you meet all your commitments without running out of breath

Pranayama Classes: Early morning pranayama classes reconnect you with your breath, providing you with techniques that give you the tools to reach for when you are stressed, anxious or need athletic lung capacity.

The classes begin with wake up movements, a series of breath techniques, the Tibetan 5 Rites and a short meditation. This experience will have you energised for the day to meet all your commitments fully nourished by your breath. Cost: $20.00 1hr Concession $15.00

Bookings essential by email barb@lalunameditations.com or TEXT 0425 854 542