Barbara Long took to her yoga path over several decades. The rough, stumbling steps she trod were interrupted by the perceived priorities of work and family. She dabbled in Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga forms until she walked in the doors of Hampton yoga which offered the Hatha path. On this path she fell in love with the practice.

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Ha = sun, tha = moon. The moon already resonated for her as a metaphor of mind and body cycles, and the union with the light of the sun, revealed the light for a practice that led her to the realisation that yoga was not an interruption in her life, but, in itself, a life path that celebrated the union of all her life values, commitments and beliefs. Her practice has evolved under the influence of a multitude of teachers each offering their own unique translation of this ancient of arts/philosophy/science – that is yoga.

Barbara offers continuous and evolving gratitude to her teachers in real life – in the order she met them: Jennifer Hanning, Anna Moore, Amanda Soedharma, Sally Macgowan, Maya Hansajati, Angela Pashayan, Nadine Fawell, Andrew Mournehis, Jodi Boyd, Alan Finger, Emily Hyland. Her virtual teachers: Kara-Leah GrantSally Kempton, Elena Brower, Jennifer Reis & others that serve to online communities. Each teacher, knowingly and unknowingly has gently assisted her steps toward her role, in turn, as teacher.

Barbara looks forward to sharing with you her La Luna: restorative, pranayama/breath and meditation classes. Consider this website as your invitation to explore your pathway to all things yoga.


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Photo Credit: Roger Boyd
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