Make it happen

At this time of year, Christian or non, the year is folding in on itself, the new year is imminent, there may be family functions to attend, histories replaying, celebrations to enjoy or there might be an intense feeling of loss, aloneness or grief for those that did not make it through to the turning of the year. Emotions are heightened, the streets are busy, the roads congested and the weather is warming, or at least here, in the southern hemisphere. This can result in a perception that we are too busy to simply ‘be’. The to do list is long and deadlines loom, tension creeps in, even when we are in excited anticipation of the festive season.

This is actually the perfect time to stop and pay attention to personal practices that restore our equilibrium, our sense of peace and lead us to stillness. A restorative yoga practice can provide this relief, a walk dedicated to ourselves without dependents wanting to play or a ball to be thrown, a swim, a defined time to read, listen to music, all these things and more, can be, should be, sought. As you have your morning or evening shower explore how you would like to shape your, personal, perfect time – and make it happen. It doesn’t have to be a half day or day affair, try for 10 minutes to start with, then think of ways to build on this and plan the time ahead – make it happen.

When in yoga classes you will often here the teacher say ‘create spaciousness’ this is a way of asking you to practice in the tangible body how to make space for extra movement, extra stretch or a momentum for you to step closer into your own light. As we train our bodies, our mind and life practices follow. So when you are next in a yogic posture or any exercise posture think on what it means to create space not just for the body, but for the mind and the self. When you practice for spaciousness you are creating room for inner transformation.

10 minutes is not a lot to ask

Single tree on rock

when you have the promise

of walking closer to your inner light

As your inner light flickers

create more space

so that you can give the gift

of luminosity this festive season

– make it happen!

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