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Welcome to La Luna Meditations. Specifically this blog. I hope you will enjoy the exploration of the yogic path that will be offered here. I intend to share with you words, thoughts, insights from classes and images that celebrate yoga. It struck me today that I am a yogic bower bird who whilst trained in Hatha enjoys the discoveries and insights from an array of lineages and yogic paths. I delight in revealing parallels between yogic teachings and other philosophies and religions. The Bhagavad Gita, the Bible, Plato’s Republic to name just three texts have their intersecting concepts, even phrases that share similar ideas.

IMG_1006.JPG - Version 2La Luna Meditations as a name came to me as I traced my mind body rhythms with the cycles of the moon. It was a time of great confusion in my life, a time of distress, a turning point where life challenged me to examine who I was by reducing my sense of I to a point of chaos. The moon became my anchor, a waxing, waning anchor toward gentle light. I obsessively photographed the moon in attempt to reconnect with something greater more infinite and vast. In the tangible act of amateur moon photography I connected and reconnected to my sense of self as part of a wonderous whole. The more clearly I observed the whole of the moon with its infinite displays through fine weather, bleak weather, night and day, through foliage, or cloud – the greater the clarity, the greater the awareness of my true nature, that core that had been knocked severely off-centre.

In addition to my moon cycle therapy : ) I returned to yoga. When I say returned, I’d been dabbling for two decades without bringing it in as part of my life, the return was the realisation that this was not something I went to for a class here and there, on and off – this was a way of choosing to be – it was a way of being.

So welcome to the moon-bower! I hope you enjoy the offerings you find hanging in the twigs.

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